Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thank you from the Family of John Dunn

I just want to extend my heart felt thank you to all who attended my fathers service today at Ft. Snelling. As a long time member of the PGR we think we know what it means to the families of those we stand in honor of until we are that family. Words are simply not enough to express what it means to ride down the center of the flag line. It's an overwhelming feeling which was felt by all of us who attended, many have never seen what the Honor, Dignity and Respect looks like and were simply filled with the emotion it brings. We all agreed this was an honor my parents would never had dreamed of and all from patriots who didn't know them but who's hearts are always about the comfort of the families in their time of sorrow and the honor of those who serve their country.
So from the Dunn family to our PGR family we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Honor their sacrifice and comfort their beloved left behind.
Dave D.