Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thank you from Toys4Military Kids

The toys and gift cards were delivered and already distributed to the children of our militay kids. Without the support of groups like the Patroit Guard as well as all those that want to show their appreciation for our freedom Toys4MilitaryKids could not have supported these families of our military for the last 12 years. Thanks and God Bless you all.  Les Hanson

(toys collected at the Black Friday Meet & Greet)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thank You - Terry Clapp mission

thank you for being at the Clapp funeral yesterday.  The wife  of Mr Clapp was overwhelmed with the number of Patriot Guard members at the graveside service at Lakewood cemetery.  She asked me to take photographs of the graveside service, as I did for her young sons funeral two years ago.  She will have those photographs and think of your group every time she looks at them.
 Washburn-McReavy funeral chapels

Thank you from Family of Paul Leska

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to all those who came out in the cold to honor my husband Paul J. Leska, Sr. at his burial at Ft. Snelling on Friday, February 14.  It was very impressive to see them there, and I know my husband would have been pleased.  He was proud of his service to his country.  I wish to thank you all for your service as well.  It's a wonderful thing you do - honoring your brothers and sisters.  Thank you.
Karen Leska

Thank you from Family of Irvin Vold

I would like to thank all of the member who were in attendance for my father in-law (and mother in-laws) burial on Saturday 5-10-14. As I talked with some of them I found out that they came from both near (Beardsley MN) and far (Mpls, Hutchinson, Detroit Lakes) to pay respect to my father in-law and my family.

The day started out very hectic as I was trying to stay in contact with (4) members that I knew were making the trek from the metro out to Ortonville to be in the escort at my request (and with permission from the local RC). We were to meet at the funeral home at 1:30 in order to sign in, get briefed and give me time to get back to the farm for the staging. As time drew closer, the pacing began. At one point the funeral director (family friend) told me I was wearing a path in the sidewalk and needed to calm down. Imagine if you can the calming effect that came over me when I heard the rumble of the bikes coming down Main Street. The Cavalry had arrived..

Once the route and other items for the day were finalized I left for the staging area, and was completely overwhelmed when I got there. There were an additional 14 members waiting there. They briefed, said the pledge and were on their way to set the Flag Line. 2 lines were formed so the family would be comforted on both sides, and what a calming effect it was, as I stood watching the Flags Flowing in the breeze waiting for my wife and my in-laws to arrive, because today I would be on the other side of the line.

Once the service was done myself and the other family members walked both lines thanking the members who had taken time from their schedules to come and show respect and pay silent tribute to a great man, and family. It was hard to walk the line and see familiar faces (my brother (Alex Member) and fellow metro members) standing in the line telling me it was an Honor to be there. These are words we as members have said countless times on the line, but until you are on the other side "hearing" them you don't realize the impact they have.
During the luncheon at the Home Site a lot of the conversations evolved around the Patriot Guard and the impact that was felt by the family. Words like "Breathe Taking", "Awesome", "Unbelievable", and "Emotional" were a few that were used to describe the members dedication to our Military and their families.
I have been on the receiving side of the line for both my father, and father in-law, in a very short time frame, and I can tell you first hand that seeing the flags flying, the members standing in silent tribute, and the respect shown for someone they do not know is one of the most calming and emotional feelings you will ever experience.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continued dedication to our Military past and present, as well as their family members. I know my father in-law was looking down on Saturday with a smile on his face.

Rex Morgan

Thank you from Family of Duane Donkers

I would like to express my thanks for your presence at my Father (Duane Donkers, TSGT, USAF (Ret)) funeral services.  His services were on April 29th and the weather was awful.  This did not deter the Patriot Guard!  I was amazed and proud to see your members at Saint Rita’s and at Fort Snelling.  Everyone was very professional and caring in our time of grief. Once again, Thank you very much and keep up your great work.

Duane Donkers

Thank you from the Family of John Dunn

I just want to extend my heart felt thank you to all who attended my fathers service today at Ft. Snelling. As a long time member of the PGR we think we know what it means to the families of those we stand in honor of until we are that family. Words are simply not enough to express what it means to ride down the center of the flag line. It's an overwhelming feeling which was felt by all of us who attended, many have never seen what the Honor, Dignity and Respect looks like and were simply filled with the emotion it brings. We all agreed this was an honor my parents would never had dreamed of and all from patriots who didn't know them but who's hearts are always about the comfort of the families in their time of sorrow and the honor of those who serve their country.
So from the Dunn family to our PGR family we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Honor their sacrifice and comfort their beloved left behind.
Dave D.

Thank you from Family of Paul "Chuck" Ennis

I just wanted to say thank you to the MN Patriot guard for doing the flag line at my father-in-laws funeral.  It was very moving to see all those men standing there at attention with their flags.  It was a great service in honor of Paul "Chuck" Ennis and the Patriot Guard was an addition that Chuck truly would have appreciated.
Thanks again for your support - and can you please pass this note of thanks on to the men that were there.
Take care and God bless!
Family of Paul " Chuck" Ennis

Thank you from Family of Robert Nagel

I want to tell you what a moving experience and a honor it was to have the Patriot Guard present during my father's burial service.After the service, it was apparent with speaking with others at the service that they too were moved to tears by their presence.
My father was very proud of his military service as a medic and Korean War Veteran.  I know that if he was able to know they were there, he would have been very pleased.
I would very much like to make a donation to the Patriot Guard in my father's name. Could you tell me how to do that?
Thank you again.
Family of Robert Nagel

Thank you from the Family of Marvin Schoenike

I want to sincerely thank The MINNESOTA PATRIOT GUARD for
honoring my husband, Marvin Schoenike, on July 1st 2014 in Deerwood.
He was proud to have served his country in the U. S. Army and he
was a long time member of the American Legion, where he also
participated in the Honor Guard as a tribute to other veterans. 
I will never forget the moment we came out of the church, to leave
for the cemetery, and the pride I felt as Marv's own Honor Guard
from the Deerwood American Legion and the Patriot Guard stood
there to honor him.  I was also moved when we arrived at the church
over two hours before the funeral service and you were already there.
It touched me deeply.
Thank you for all you do and God Bless you each and every one.  
Mary Jo Schoenike and family

Thank you from the Family of Lawrence Conlin

Thank  you from family of Lawrence Conlin

"Many thanks to the Patriot Guard for attending our uncles memorial. Your group is very busy with many requests. Our family, and all families, appreciate the effort you go through to honor the service of others. Many comments were heard by those attending of what a proud display to witness.
Again, thanks for all you do."

Thankyou from the Family of Alvin Dudek

When we arrived at the funeral site on Friday, there was approx 15 veterans lining the funeral area. It was a very impressive and somber sight. They were very respectful.
Everyone in the funeral was very pleased to see them there, showing respect for our deceased father – grandfather – great-grandfather – uncle – friend – WWII sailor.
Please thank each and every veteran involved for being there for Alvin.
It was greatly appreciated !!
Best regards,

Thank you from Family of Byron Bacon

Words cannot how much Byron’s Family, especially my wife Roxann, Byron’s daughter appreciated your presence.  I would like to impress upon all how important remembering our veterans service is to our country and your dedication to this very effort is one of the best ways to accomplish that.  I know some if not most of you are veterans yourselfs and some have lost loved ones in the service to our country.  Your service is appreciated, and losses respected.
Thank you so much.

Thank you from Family of Merrill Neubert

Thank you all so much for manning the flag line today at the interment of my father Merrill Neubert.  I have stood the line a few times in the past, but it is much different when the line is present for your family member.  The sacrifices that you all made on such short notice hasn't gone unnoticed and there aren't enough words in our language to express the gratitude that we owe you all for this wonderful thing that you do.
My only regret today is that I wasn't able to personally thank each one of you and recognize you for the time and respect that you give to others to help them through the day.
I pray that God will give you all his blessing and protect each of you for all of your days

Thank you from Family of Donald Wallace

my family made a request for your members to be at our brother Donald Wallace funeral.
As I entered the parking lot and seen the guards and the flags flying in the wind, I was very happy to see them there standing and honoring one of their own. I know my brother was looking down upon them with a big smile.
I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thank you to those who stood out there in the cold honoring my brother both at the funeral home and and the grave site.
God Bless to all who go out an do such missions as this one.

Thank you from family of Lance Bolton

To the Minnesota Patriot Guard                                                                                                November  3 , 2014                                                                        

 I would like to take this opportunity to give a special thank you to the Minnesota Patriot Guard for their participation and overwhelming support for my husband, Lance Bolton's interment  at Fort Snelling on  October 17, 2014. A special thank you also goes out to David Winkler MN Patriot Guard member for taking Lance for his final motorcycle ride. Dave transported  Lances remains in his saddle bag to his final resting place  at Fort Snelling.  The  MN  Patriot Guard were professional, and honored my husband  with the upmost respect. My husband  would be extremely proud , he served  in the US  Marine Corps from 1984-1988 He  was very proud of his service  and  always considered himself an United States Marine.  "Once a Marine, Always a Marine", SEMPER  FIDELIS !   Thanks for  celebrating  my husband's life with such Pride and Dignity.


 HMC (Ret/ USN)Vicki Bolton      ( wife of Lance Bolton)