Friday, August 31, 2012

From the Family of Dan Kantorowic​z

Minnesota Patriot Guard,

I have had the honor to stand in flag lines across Minnesota with many of you for many years.  To show honor and respect to our fallen, to show respect and admiration to our soldiers leaving for duty, to witness home comings that brought tears of joy to our eyes. “You are an impressive group of patriots “ as said by one of my relatives and I agree.

 But several weeks ago I was forced to be on the other side of the flag line, to experience the receiving of love and honor for my father, Dan Kantorowicz, US ARMY.  I can only say WOW……….. What an emotional event.  The great sadness of burying my father yet being so proud of his service and the honor that you showed him help the ache of his absence. He would have been so proud knowing the respect and honor that was showed that day.  I am sure his was smiling down from heaven.  I had a lot of family and friends come up to me and say they were impressed with the service for my Dad.  Several comments were made “David, what an incredible group of friends you have (referring to the Patriot Guard).  I tried to do my best at explaining what we do (MN Patriot Guard) and the emotions that every single man and woman standing in that flag line is displaying behind those sunglasses.  I am truly proud of every Patriot Guard member that has ever made it to a flag line.

In the past 8 yrs I have buried a son, my mother and now my father.  I look at this as not just a loss but also as a blessing, a blessing to have had them in my life and to know that GOD has a greater plan for us all.  Included in that plan is the Patriot Guard.  You (we) not only show respect and honor towards the deceased soldier we also show strength and love towards the surviving family.  Believe me…….this really does help.  Thank you so much for being there for my Dad’s service and for my family.  I love and respect you all.