Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank you for the Send-Off and Escort to Fort McCoy

Mr. Ernie Johnson, Mr. John Redfield and the Members of the Patriot Guard:

I just want to thank you for honoring my Soldiers at our deployment departure
ceremony and with the motorcycle escort to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. It's
wonderful for me as a commander to have groups in the community re-enforce
the importance of our mission and to also re-enforce the fact that Soldiers,
Sailors, Airmen and Marines occupy a special place in our society.

Thank you for the signed banner, we will proudly display it during our
mission to Kuwait.

Things are going well for the Red Bulls here at Fort McCoy. We've gone
through some paperwork, had a few shots and blood draws and received even
more equipment. Everything has gone surprisingly smooth. I guess the old
soldier in me expected the Army to lose more paperwork and records. But that
didn't happen!

Thank you again for your patriotism and service.


LTC Gary Mundfrom
Commander, 1/34th BSTB MN ARNG